Trends come and trends go—it’s a rule as old as time when it comes to design. And while tried and true traditional will always have its place, it is fun to switch things up every once in a while, a tweak here, a refresh there. And one way to do that is by weaving some of the current trends into your space—like, your bathroom.

While updating your bathroom is certainly an investment, it can be helpful to think about how much time is spent in this room every day – as a retreat for unwinding at the end of the day or for getting ready to face life’s ups and downs.

Today’s bathrooms are far more than utilitarian spaces for bathing and brushing teeth. In 2024, experts predict spa-like sanctuaries for wellness and relaxation. Here is a list to peak interest and inspire motivation.

6 Of Our Favorite Refresh Ideas:
  1. Freestanding Tubs: Soaking tubs are becoming the focal point of the bathroom creating that “spa-like” atmosphere.
  2. Mixing Metals: Try mixing metal finishes with cabinet hardware and simple plumbing fixtures like the sink faucet.
  3. Countertop edges: This is a small detail that makes a big difference — choose eased countertop edges instead of elaborate styles.
  4. LED & Anti-Fog Mirrors: LED mirrors add equal illumination, much like natural day light that give a lot more clarity and correct colors to help you see the perfect look. Adding an anti-fog feature will keep your mirrors clear even after the hottest shower.
  5. Statement Lighting: Gone are the days for the boring “boob” ceiling light. Opt for an elaborate chandelier or hanging fixture in the center of the room or to introduce the tub area.
  6. Tile: Tile showers and flooring are pushing the envelope in 2024 by embracing bold patterns in the tile and tile installation. Go beyond the standard brick pattern and try vertical, waterfall, and herringbone tile patterns to add interest.
LED Anti-Fog Mirror
Bathroom Chandelier
Waterfall Tile & Frameless Glass Door

If you’re craving more bathroom inspiration, head over to our Bathroom Gallery and scroll through samples of our work. And remember, if you want to create a spa oasis in your home but aren’t sure where to start, download our FREE Project Planning Guide. It’s a great tool that includes your why, budgeting, our preferred vendors, and a comprehensive materials list.

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