Transitional Kitchen in Raleigh, NC

Committing to one single kitchen design style can be tough. That’s why so many homeowners love transitional kitchen design — it’s a mix of styles that allows for a streamlined look and leaves room to add a dash of personality.

Transitional kitchens are a simplified version of the more ornate traditional style and the more streamlined contemporary design. It uses elements of both, foregoing the fancier details and keeping some architectural details. The transitional look favors clean lines and simple cabinet door styles while mixing textures and finishes.

To get the look, we recommend starting with a few basic elements, as beautifully illustrated in this transitional kitchen.

  1. Door style: Simple, Shaker-style cabinets offer clean lines and a timeless look.
  2. Knobs and pulls: Opt for small knobs and streamlined handles over more intricate hardware.
  3. Countertop edges: This is a small detail that makes a big difference — choose eased countertop edges instead of elaborate styles.
  4. Countertop materials: The transitional look is all about simple, neutral countertop colors and materials. Think quartz, marble, granite, and wood.
  5. Backsplash: For a truly transitional look, select a simple backsplash with minimal color.
  6. Mix/Match: Mix and match your metal choices in your plumbing and lighting fixtures.

If you’re craving more kitchen inspiration, head over to our Kitchen Gallery and scroll through samples of our work. And remember, if you want to create a transitional kitchen in your home but aren’t sure where to start, download our FREE Project Planning Guide. It’s a great tool that includes your why, budgeting, our preferred vendors, and a comprehensive materials list.

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