Stunning transformation of this West Raleigh kitchen

Embark on a journey of transformation as we unveil the remarkable before-and-after of a captivating kitchen remodel. From outdated and uninspiring to a space that seamlessly blends style and functionality, witness the power of thoughtful design and skilled craftsmanship.

Kitchen At A Glance
  • Location: West Raleigh, NC
  • Project Type: Kitchen
  • Backstory: The journey begins with a kitchen trapped in a time capsule, boasting outdated appliances, lackluster countertops, and dull cabinetry. The layout felt disjointed, hindering both cooking efficiency and aesthetic appeal. It was a space crying out for rejuvenation. Collaborating closely with the homeowner, we planned every detail, from layout adjustments to material selection, ensuring a harmonious balance between form and function.

BEFORE: A dull and outdated space.

AFTER: Transformation revealed… a feast for the senses.

Prepare to be amazed. We changed the layout, opening to create a seamless flow, allowing for easy movement and interaction. Sleek, shaker cabinetry replaces outdated counterparts, providing ample storage with style.

Gleaming silestone countertops and a stylish backsplash add a touch of sophistication, while state-of-the-art appliances elevate both the aesthetic and functionality of the space. Thoughtfully chosen recessed lighting and pendant fixtures cast a warm glow, creating an inviting ambiance perfect for both meal preparation and entertaining.

The pièce de résistance? A stunning kitchen island, serving as the focal point of the room. With its sleek design and ample seating, it’s the perfect spot for casual dining or gathering with loved ones while cooking.

As we bid farewell to the outdated and embrace the new, this kitchen remodel serves as a testament to the transformative power of design and craftsmanship. With the right vision and expertise, any space can be transformed into a haven of style and functionality. So, if you’re dreaming of a kitchen that truly reflects your lifestyle and tastes, let this journey inspire you to unlock its full potential.

Get started today. Download our FREE Project Planning Guide, a great tool that includes your why, budgeting, our preferred vendors, and a comprehensive materials list. And contact us and let’s chat about making your dream kitchen a reality.

Create The Look
  • Metal Finishes: Champagne Bronze Faucet | Champagne Bronze Pendant Lights | Champagne Bronze Cabinet Hardware
  • Cabinets: White & Gray Shaker
  • Sink: Rectangle, Single Bowl Ceramic
  • Counter Top: Silestone Et. Statuario
  • Flooring: Hardwood
  • Tile Backsplash: Hawkdale, Pure Chalk

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